Rewire your brain with an Affirmation a day

This is more than just a feel good exercise.

Studies have shown that more than 95% of what you think everyday is the same as the day before which means you have to actively change what you think about in order to change how you feel or else you can not expect change. It is a logical scientific approach to managing your thoughts and being disciplined about what you think so that in turn it starts to change how you feel and how your day will go. Be intentional with how you can manage your emotions so that your internal state and energy will craft the outcome of your day and begin to rewire your brain at the same time. Instead of feeling like a feather blowing in the wind, learn to be like a tree with deep roots planted firmly beneath the ground, while having branches and leaves that flow gently with the wind. You can be grounded in who you want to be through out your day and find the balance to be flexible with others so that no matter what opportunities come your way you can be powerful. Practice one affirmation a day and sign up to get your free weekly affirmations and more of my fun tips!

Sample Affirmations

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I love Myself unconditionally. I adore myself and cherish the gift if having my body

Today I give myself permission to follow my dreams. I follow my Dreams with confidence & Courage

Today is a perfect day to be alive. I look up to the sky and give myself permission to dream. I have the right to dream and create my perfect life

I Believe I deserve to be happy.
I Believe I deserve to be happy.
I Believe I deserve to be happy.

I accept myself as I am.
I accept myself as I am.
I accept myself as I am..

I allow myself to have fun in life. I connect to the fun energy I have in my heart. I smile with my eyes, Heart, and Lips. I am fun energy today.

I always forgive myself first. I forgive myself for holding on the past or situation that caused me pain for as long as I have.

I trust That I am always beung taken care of in my journey of life that is personal to just me.

I allow my heart to be filled with love. I focus on a deep love for myself. I input the feeling of being loved into my heart and body. I am loved.

I focus on good thoughts Good Outcomes and receiving good in my life. doing good and receiving good. I believe I deserve good, and I think good of others.