NCBTMB Certification

A Holistic Approach For Your NCBTMB Certification Renewal:

  • Focus on Your Personal Technique
    Learn how to maintain your energy levels between clients
  • Guard Against Negative Emotions
    Techniques to prevent taking on clients’ negative emotions
  • Prevent Burnout
    Strategies to avoid feeling drained at the end of your shift
  • Reconnect with Your Purpose
    Remember why you chose this profession and prioritize your well-being to better serve your clients
  • Prioritize Self-Care
    Emphasis on self-care for massage therapists
  • Why Choose Living Life Purple?
    We’ll teach you how to choose yourself! Our 4-hour online class can be done from the comfort of home on a Zoom call.

Our program includes 4 continuing education units to renew your board qualification and a monthly 4-hour workshop. Take advantage of our limited-time offer of $75 (normally $150) by reserving your spot in the calendar below! This deal ends in:


About NCBTMB Certification

NCBTMB certification is like the golden seal of approval for massage therapists and bodyworkers, ensuring we’re not just good, but exceptional at what we do. It’s our way of saying, “Hey, we’ve got the skills, the ethics, and the dedication to help you feel your best.” So, when you see that NCBTMB certification badge, you know you’re in caring, capable hands.

NCBTMB certification isn’t just about passing a test; it’s a commitment to ongoing learning and growth in the world of wellness. It means we stay updated on the latest techniques and research, so we can offer you the most effective treatments tailored to your needs. When you choose a therapist with NCBTMB certification, you’re choosing someone who’s dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care, ensuring you leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed every time. Living Life Purple can provide your elective training hours you need for your NCBTMB certification. Book a slot in the calendar above!