Breathwork Exercise for Releasing Negative Emotion


Do you know that breathwork is an effective method for transforming energy and releasing negative emotions? Jordan and I have shared personal experiences, underscoring the surprising effectiveness of the practice, even with its simplicity.

The Breathwork Exercise Explained:

  • Identify a negative emotion using Dr. Mortar’s emotional chart or personal reflection.
  • Perform a breathwork exercise focusing on the negative emotion, then transition to its positive counterpart.
  • The process involves deep breathing with focused intention on shifting from a negative to a positive state.

Practical Application:

  • Start with identifying a prominent negative emotion.
  • Engage in the breathwork exercise, holding breath on the negative emotion, then releasing and shifting focus to the positive emotion.
  • Recommended to practice for 1-2 minutes, adaptable as needed.

Benefits and Impact:

  • Immediate physical and emotional relief.
  • Encourages regular practice for ongoing well-being.
  • Suitable for personal or family engagement to enhance overall energy and happiness.