Getting Started


Discover the essence of Living Life Purple, a philosophy designed to inspire a life lived with fervor, holistic well-being, and alignment with one’s deepest purpose and highest energetic vibrations. This approach, symbolized by the rich and vibrant color purple, encourages individuals to embrace their passions, engage in life holistically, and align themselves with their true purpose. It’s about harmonizing every aspect of one’s life with the elevated vibrations represented by purple, fostering a journey of personal growth, spiritual awakening, and the pursuit of passion with intention and authenticity.

Key points:

  • Spiritual and Emotional Wellness: The discussion delves into the significance of the purple aura in energy work, representing the highest vibration of living, associated with passion, love, and personal purpose. Lisa underscores the health and protective benefits of maintaining a purple vibration.
  • Journey to Healing and Purpose: I recount my personal journey from a challenging start in life to discovering her purpose through holistic healing and energy work. Emphasizing the transformational impact of energy work on my health and life direction.
  • Emotional Work as Healing: The concept of using emotional states for healing is explored, advocates for managing one’s emotional state to achieve physical, mental, and emotional wellness.
  • Practical Application and Teaching: I share my experiences with practicing and teaching energy work, highlighting the importance of self-healing and the ability to manage one’s energetic and emotional states for overall well-being.

This segment provides insight into my philosophy and methods for achieving a higher state of being through Living Life Purple, emphasizing holistic wellness, energy work, and the power of one’s emotional state in healing and living purposefully.