Grounding Exercises


This interview will give you an overview about grounding (or earthing) exercise, emphasizing its simplicity and profound impact on health and well-being. Let’s hear Jordan’s experience about his initial skepticism and subsequent realization of grounding’s benefits following my recommendation during a period of illness.

Benefits of Grounding:

  • Calming effect on the mind and body.
  • Enhances healing, improves sleep, and increases energy.
  • Simple yet effective self-care practice.

How to Ground:

  • Direct skin contacts with the earth, such as walking barefoot on grass or touching a tree.
  • Can be practiced in various environments and conditions.

Duration and Frequency:

  • Recommended starting with 5 to 20 minutes daily.
  • Adjust based on personal lifestyle and exposure to technology and stress.
  • Maintenance and Self-Care:

Grounding as a regular practice for maintaining optimal vibration and health. Acts as an act of self-love and care, providing a moment of pause in daily life.