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Our mission

At Wellness Academy, our mission is to empower individuals to achieve optimal well-being through comprehensive education, personalized guidance, and a holistic approach to health and wellness. We are committed to cultivating a community of lifelong learners who prioritize self-care, physical fitness, mental health, and emotional resilience.

Our core values revolve around inclusivity, accessibility, and evidence-based practices. We aim to provide a diverse range of resources, courses, and support systems that cater to people of all backgrounds, abilities, and levels of expertise. By fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement, we aspire to be a trusted source of knowledge and inspiration in the pursuit of a balanced and vibrant life.

Start crafting your story. Here’s mine…

Nice to meet you

I’m Lisa, and at my core, I hold a deep compassion and steadfast love for all people. With 23 years dedicated to holistic healing and energy work, I’ve committed myself to leading others on a path to self-love and inner peace. My journey in holistic healing led me to fund a Holistic Healing Center in the Santa Monica Mountains 12 years ago, where I have been leading workshops and hosting numerous retreats, particularly in Malibu, to share my expertise and passion. Growing up and establishing a private practice in LA allowed me to deeply root myself in the community, providing a foundation for my holistic practices and enabling me to impact many lives positively.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to serve a diverse range of individuals in the entertainment industry, aiding celebrities to achieve optimal performance, clear negative energies, and bolster their health. My work, however, extends far beyond celebrity circles to assist those facing serious life challenges, like cancer or trauma, providing a source of light and restoration by combining Eastern and Western healing traditions.

I hold the belief that vibrating at our highest frequency not only enhances our physical health, giving us a youthful, glowing appearance, but it also fills us with happiness, allowing us to enjoy life’s beauty. My goal goes beyond healing; it’s to empower you to overcome emotional distress, to live in the moment, and to welcome a life of complete acceptance and tranquility.

I invite you to join me in this special space dedicated to embracing a healthier, more vibrant way of living. As your guide in holistic health, I’m here to navigate you through the complexities of a lifestyle aimed at your total wellness, sharing everyday practices of self-care and love that will boost your self-esteem, bring harmony, and rejuvenate your spirit. Let’s begin this journey together towards a brighter, more energetic, and fulfilled life.

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